Exciting News for our friend Ashley Ulibarri, Founder of Barri Handbags. Today she sold her company! What an amazing entrepreneurial story we were able to witness. I am so proud of her and inspired by the incredible work she has done. From flexing her creative muscles and designing not only an incredible handbag but a gorgeous brand that reflected her so well. She was able to make a difference with her work with Operation Underground Railroad and without a doubt the experience made a difference in her life.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the last time you see Ashley. I know her type. She is too creative and ambitious to not have an outlet for that energy. We can’t help but have a project or two going.

Congratulations Ashley!

Read Ashley’s Announcement

cb8cf2c4-fef6-4d73-ab0c-edcbe2ee6634Because we won’t be able to get anymore Barri Handbags we are going to clearance our remaining stock and displays. See what we have left-I’m saving mine as a collector’s item.

[products limit= “8” columns=”3″ category= “barri”]

How many people do you know that started a handbag company from nothing? Turns out I know two! The story of Miche Bags.


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Inspired Style Company is a Salon & Boutique brand based in Pekin, IL. Opened in 2017, this small business is owned and operated by Michelle Bohm.

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