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Inspired by our community: 2019 Pekin Marigold Festival

Our Team & Family at the 2019 Marigold Festival Parade

It was an absolutely gorgeous day at the 2019 Pekin Marigold Festival! Our team, family and pets participated in the parade Saturday morning. Everyone pulled together to make it happen and we all had a great time! 


Our beloved Kelli Zaremba, Creative Confidence by Kelli is so extra and oh so crafty!  She made these adorable purse coupons to hand out to ladies along the parade route. AND made Tshirts for all of us…. and our kids….. and our dogs! Go ahead, ask her to chair an event and see what happens. She has saved my butt a millions and one times and when she volunteers to do something, you know it is going to turn out better than you can imagine. #Iknowthebestpeople #creativeconfidencebykelli #inspiredbykelli 

Parade purses
Who's gonna get one of these ADORABLE purses on the parade route Saturday morning? — feeling excited at Inspired Style Co. Salon & Boutique.

This was a typically busy weekend for all of us. I raced in from the I’ve Decided Conference and afterwards we all scattered to enjoy the festival and some family time. I volunteered at the Kid’s Experience, wandered around the Art in the Park, and picked up some donuts from the Lion’s club. I’m so grateful to the Inspired team and Steve who pulled everything together so I could just show up to smile and wave and enjoy the perfect day. 

I  sat on a bench at the lagoon to people watch for awhile and thought about all the hard work that went into making an event of this scale happen. The 3 people running the Pekin Chamber of Commerce, along with the tons of volunteers they organize every year are what make it happen! I also thought about how festivals like this showcase a community to outsiders and provide a sense of tradition to residents. As an outsider coming in to this community with a new business, we want to make it our home. This is just one of the ways we do it. 

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