Inspired by our community: 2019 Pekin Marigold Festival

Our Team & Family at the 2019 Marigold Festival Parade

It was an absolutely gorgeous day at the 2019 Pekin Marigold Festival! Our team, family and pets participated in the parade Saturday morning. Everyone pulled together to make it happen and we all had a great time!

2019 Pekin Marigold Festival
2019 Pekin Marigold Festival
Ruby the bulldog was a huge hit #salonmascots
Ruby the bulldog was a huge hit #salonmascots
Our wild men with wild hair Wes, Jay & Gavin
Our wild men with wild hair Wes, Jay & Gavin
Alex & Kelli with Loki and Ruby
Alex & Kelli with Loki and Ruby
Michelle and Jayden having a blast!
Michelle and Jayden having a blast!
Nora's grandson Brolan was such a big help with the pups! We wore poor Mocha out!
Nora’s grandson Brolan was such a big help with the pups! We wore poor Mocha out!
Wes loved handing out the candy to the little ones
Wes loved handing out the candy to the little ones
We love our team!
We love our team!
Miss Lucy patiently waiting for the parade to start. #salonmascots
Miss Lucy patiently waiting for the parade to start. #salonmascots
Alex's babies Mocha & Loki in their logowear #salonmascots
Alex’s babies Mocha & Loki in their logowear #salonmascots

Our beloved Kelli Zaremba, Creative Confidence by Kelli is so extra and oh so crafty!  She made these adorable purse coupons to hand out to ladies along the parade route. AND made Tshirts for all of us…. and our kids….. and our dogs! Go ahead, ask her to chair an event and see what happens. She has saved my butt a million and one times and when she volunteers to do something, you know it is going to turn out better than you can imagine. #Iknowthebestpeople #creativeconfidencebykelli #inspiredbykelli

Parade purses
Who’s gonna get one of these ADORABLE purses on the parade route Saturday morning? — feeling excited at Inspired Style Co. Salon & Boutique.

This was a typically busy weekend for all of us. I raced in from the I’ve Decided Conference and afterwards we all scattered to enjoy the festival and some family time. I volunteered at the Kid’s Experience, wandered around the Art in the Park, and picked up some donuts from the Lion’s club. I’m so grateful to the Inspired team and Steve who pulled everything together so I could just show up to smile and wave and enjoy the perfect day.

I  sat on a bench at the lagoon to people watch for awhile and thought about all the hard work that went into making an event of this scale happen. The 3 people running the Pekin Chamber of Commerce, along with the tons of volunteers they organize every year are what make it happen! I also thought about how festivals like this showcase a community to outsiders and provide a sense of tradition to residents. As an outsider coming in to this community with a new business, we want to make it our home. This is just one of the ways we do it.

I was inspired by Pekin native and real estate broker Baylee Gambetti of Ladendorf & Gambetti when she shared what the festival means to the city of Pekin.   If you missed out this year, make a commitment to participate next year. #inspiredbyservice

Make that week 4

Make that week 4. I’m very frustrated. We still aren’t quite there but we are so close. We are making some modifications and going to try again! I’m sorry if you have tried to contact me in the last week, I’ve been laser focused on this project. I will be back soon.

We were migrating the last of our data from our old system this weekend and ran into a snag. These things happen and typically I handle detours pretty calm. But I have been so on edge lately this one really bothered me. I had to take a day off and get back on track.


I am committed!

For all my friends cheering me on: I, Michelle Bohm, am committed to launching inspired1.0 by the end of the month! I just returned from my third weekend in a row of spending the night at the shop. I am exhausted but I’m going to make it if it kills me! Big dreams! This is what it takes! Thanks for checking up on me and keeping me accountable. I love your guts!

What are inspired S.Y.S.T.E.M.S?

Every January I choose a word that sets my focus for the next 365 days. This year, the word is SYSTEMS! I was inspired by the idea that systems can Save You Some Time Energy Money or Stress*

Now I’m not exactly known as the most organized, efficient or even rational member of my peer group. I have some really amazing friends in my life (who are laughing right now) that have tried to help me with this over the years. No matter how many new planners I buy, or how many apps I download, I still find myself running around doing things that clog up my brain space. Like spending precious hours searching for a scrap envelope that I wrote that really great idea on. Or trying to remember what kind of apples I like or where I put my shoes. I seem to prefer to do everything in a constant state of panic.

If you are reading this and thinking “Wow, I had no idea. How does she do all the things and NOT have solid systems?” You are so sweet OR you just haven’t spent much time with me yet. The truth is in my life systems have been more of an option than a necessity.  Organized was something I aspired to be, but not something that was required for me to reach all my goals. Until now. I am inspired to take command. To focus. To be intentional in every way that matters.

The week we had pet ducks and little Wes would line them up everyday for a walk. This is going on the vision board!

I’m at the point in my life that NOT having systems is stunting my growth. And I don’t know about you but when I’m running around doing things that I know are unnecessary, I get mad. I yell at my family…my dog…the occasional stranger. And I start to beat myself up for not being more like so and so. She always seems to have her poop in a group. Why can’t I manage to get my kids to school on time? Why won’t my ducks get in a row? The self talk turns negative and that is a slippery slope. I don’t want this self manufactured stress in my life anymore and this is the year I fix it.

YES! This is me declaring to the world that I will spend the year creating systems and I will learn to like it! Luckily, I work in a salon full of women who are always giving advice. I am skeptical when I hear their tips for throwing together a meal (it’s so easy, you just….) but I’m going to try it. I may roll my eyes when they tell me how to get my kids out the door on time but I’m committed to planning my day the night before. If all the successful people I know and study have mastered this, it is clear that it is a requirement for high performance. Don’t even get me started on the scary things stress does to your body and mind.  I have no choice but to change.

If I want to live an inspired life, I have to make room for it. I promise to share all the things I learn along the way so you can make room for a more inspired life too.

And I challenge all my fellow procrastinating, overbooked, hot mess friends to do it with me. We can’t change our entire life overnight but we can find one thing that will make a difference and work on it today. Those little bits of time add up. And little bits of change add up as well.  Save Yourself Some Time Energy Money or Stress.  And for all of you that have already mastered this, please share your best advice in the comments. I need all the help I can get!

Here’s to an inspired 2019!

*if you use them. If you buy the fancy planners and then loose them it doesn’t work quite as well.

This is on my desk where I will see it everyday. I’ve decided to love SYSTEMS!




Exciting News for our friend Ashley Ulibarri, Founder of Barri Handbags. Today she sold her company! What an amazing entrepreneurial story we were able to witness. I am so proud of her and inspired by the incredible work she has done. From flexing her creative muscles and designing not only an incredible handbag but a gorgeous brand that reflected her so well. She was able to make a difference with her work with Operation Underground Railroad and without a doubt the experience made a difference in her life.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the last time you see Ashley. I know her type. She is too creative and ambitious to not have an outlet for that energy. We can’t help but have a project or two going.

Congratulations Ashley!

Read Ashley’s Announcement

cb8cf2c4-fef6-4d73-ab0c-edcbe2ee6634Because we won’t be able to get anymore Barri Handbags we are going to clearance our remaining stock and displays. See what we have left-I’m saving mine as a collector’s item.

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How many people do you know that started a handbag company from nothing? Turns out I know two! The story of Miche Bags.